~*~ Simplicity ~*~

Life can be experienced as purely simple, when one knows their true nature. There is a continuous, natural, intuitive flow of perfect thoughts, feeling, sensing, knowing, doing and sharing from the true place of God’s Immortal Love within the Heart Flame. This way of Life is constructive, and as such, is the correct design for which God desires each of us to live. God’s Gift to us is the Life within each of us, which is God-Life, and desires for us to expand that Life, and live…forever!

Life can also be experienced as extremely complicated, when one knows not their true nature. There is a series of going from one place to another, one situation to another, one relationship to another, and on and on it goes as the individual strives to connect with the ‘right’ Life for themselves. As well-intentioned as these individuals are, to live Life the correct way, there’s a gap between well-intentioned and knowing the true design for which the origin of their purpose has caused them to be.

There must be a "bridge" that establishes itself to assist the individual from where they are in point b to where they belong in point a:

b. going from trying to live a Life of purpose and meaning by striving for goals set by worldly standards or conditions


a. living Life on Purpose compelled by the impetus of the soul’s desire to know itself, and thus, expand its Light.

My “bridge” was given to me by no other than my very own Beloved Ascended Master Teacher, Saint Germain. My first “meeting” with Him in this Life, He instructed me to begin working with what is referred to as His “3-Step Meditation.” After receiving this message, I went about searching for this online, since the book that contained the information was unavailable at the time. Once I found the information online, I immediately printed it out and made a firm decision that I would begin the following morning.

After 2 weeks of consistent work with this meditation, I was becoming quite Illumined. Even after the very first week, I felt my Self a completely different individual than before I had begun this Work, and knew that my original decision to be firm in my taking the meditation upon myself to begin expanding my Light, had turned into a serious commitment to live the Illumined Path of Life.

I was so ecstatic, I wrote an email letter of deepest heart-felt gratitude to the website owner who’s made the blessed meditation available for Students of Light. I was so overwhelmed with Joy in this writing, going on and on, thanking and thanking and thanking – as if I could have just kept going! Very intense is the feeling of deep gratitude for those who assist you upon your Path of Light!

After a few weeks, I was receiving direct communication from Beloved Saint Germain, and He gives His Instruction freely and consistently without limit as I continue to apply what He gives me. He is my Primary Sponsor in this Life. He is always with me and we are always in constant communion.

My Application of Light thus began as a short series of affirmations after the 3-Step Meditation, and then quickly progressed to decrees which Saint Germain guided me to transcribe and also inspired me to write.

Months passed, and I realized that what had started out as a beautiful step on my own Path of Light, had turned into the Illumined Path of Life for me, and there was no going back-ever!

Accelerating in consciousness and expanding awareness to increase the Light within is a natural occurrence that is ever-flowing on a moment-by-moment basis when one anchors an Application of Light to their Life Stream Activity. In this way, one goes forth diligently to fulfill their very own God-Potential – their very own Divine Plan, and succeeds!

What you see on this site and what I AM offering is the direct result of the Work the Presence and the Masters have given me to do, just a few short years ago, and it all started with a SIMPLE 3-STEP MEDITATION. Without Their assistance, I might still be trying to do something that was completely out of alignment with my very own Divine Plan, and I extend my heart’s deepest eternal gratitude to Them All for everything They do – for all Life.

The impetus that ignites me is the desire to see ALL LIFE fulfilling this Great Divine Plan that God has for each of us.

So here I AM.

God is simple ~ Perfect, Beauty, Love, Peace, All Goodness. God is complex, but not complicated. Everything - all that is of God - that God is, is complex. Yet, the concept of God is SIMPLE. God is One – One Life – All Life in One, and All One Life.

I AM available for customized, individual application assistance. My "headquarters" is lovingly nestled in the beautiful Sacred Mountain town of Mt. Shasta, California. For further details or to schedule a session, please contact me at: enchantedsky144@gmail.com and please title the subject line "application." Thank you and blessings of the Highest Light to you!

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Me with one of my favorite pictures of Beloved Saint Germain!