~*~ Self-Realization ~*~

When you are in a place of Oneness, you can see no other than the One. In this place of Perfect Oneness, it is easy to let go and forgive everyone and everything, and take responsibility and accountability for Your Self as a Divine Being, here to fulfill your portion of the Great Divine Plan, as we are all here for this purpose. In Oneness we work together harmoniously. We cannot have Oneness if there is a part of Life we are not comfortable with. All MUST be Perfect Harmony – the mental world, feeling world, every aspect of consciousness and the physical flesh structure of the individual – in order for Oneness to ensue and be self-sustained. We cannot take any vibration less than Perfect Love into the Higher Octaves of Light.

The timeless teachings of the “I AM” Discourses by Beloved Saint Germain and other Beloved Ascended Masters provide each of us with God-Truth without limit. One such pearl of wisdom comes from “Unveiled Mysteries,” and the Ascended Master Saint Germain has this to say in relation to knowing God: “No one can ever know God as long as he considers a force opposed to God; for whenever he acknowledges that two forces can act, he has a resultant quality of neutralizing activity. When you have neutralization, you have no definite quality either way. You merely have nothing, or no thing in your manifestation. When you acknowledge God-The One-you have only perfection manifesting instantly, for there is nothing to oppose or neutralize it-no element of time. So it is established unto you, for there is none to oppose what God decrees.”

This understanding is thus furthered by acknowledging that a thought or feeling of uncertainty can only occur if one has accepted the appearance of something that “looks like” it “lacks” Love. In Truth, nothing lacks Love; so whatever shows up that "seems" less than Love, use your conscious tools to shift your awareness right back to your Presence, and let the Presence take command of that thought or feeling.

I offer assistance on this Application ~ for whatever level one is ready for. After a session, you will feel greatly supported by the Universe and feel yourself merging within your 'rightful' place of belonging within the Cosmos...and exhilarated to then take the next step in anchoring your Light more intensely and powerfully in order to align with your own Divine Plan, and thus go forth to outpicture it Perfectly, which brings Great Victory to you and everyone, your Life, and all Life!

My "headquarters" is lovingly nestled in the beautiful Sacred Mountain town of Mt. Shasta, California. For further details or to schedule a session, please contact me at: enchantedsky144@gmail.com and please title the subject line "application." Thank you and blessings of the Highest Light to you!
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