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I AM a Conscious Student of the "Mighty I AM Presence" (eye picture to the right), and a Conscious Chela of Beloved Saint Germain; I work directly with the Ascended Host. This is the Great Host of Ascended Masters, and goes beyond the understanding of working with only those who are "known" to one’s awareness. As such, God is unlimited and so is the Ascended Consciousness. Access to any Ascended, Cosmic, Angelic or Heavenly Being ~ A God Being ~ can be accessed at anytime if one is consistently attuned to the perfect harmony of Love...open, sensetive and allowing Life to flow through uninterrupted by anything that might seem otherwise. My Life is Cosmically imbued with the Pulsing Blue Flame of Divine Will, which anchors the Essence of God and God's Desire for each Life Stream Being upon Earth to awaken to their True Nature ~ their very own "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence."

I AM a Victorious Presence of Light, and I acknowledge and honor each Life Stream Being upon Earth a Victorious Presence of Light as well - doing everything possible to help fulfill the Great Divine Plan by living each one's own true potential. To live one's true potential is to first KNOW YOUR SELF AS GOD. Additionally, one must KNOW THEMSELVES AS GOD in order to outpicture the perfect expression of God. Once one knows they are GOD and have the application to maintain their FREEDOM, one's Life is exquisitely changed forever!

 I AM a Conscious Facilitator of the I AM Presence, and I assist Students on the Path of Light to awaken to higher levels of Consciousness. Additionally, I assist each one to ANCHOR that higher frequency or Octave of Light into their world as it comes forth. I Divinely Sponsor each one's Divine Desire within their Heart to fulfill their Divine Portion of the Great Divine Plan. I encourage and support each individual wherever they are on the Path of Light, so that they can achieve their goals, see the results, and watch them surpass themselves on the Path of Light!

My "headquarters" is lovingly nestled in the beautiful Sacred Mountain town of Mt. Shasta, California, and can be reached at enchantedsky144@gmail.com. Thank you and blessings of the Highest Light to you!
My Divine Skills are mixture of evolving frequencies of Light Activities - that of the Sacred Fire - which many of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings perform through me, to assist each one to their Divine Potential in order that each one will receive the Perfect Patterning of their own Divine Plan revealed to them exactly at the correct time.

You can see more of what I offer on the pages of this website, so please feel free to explore, and you can find my contact information on the bottom of every page.