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Yoga and dance are both practical ways to energize your physical structure and form. “Cosmic Yoga Dance” is a coalescence of these practices which engages the grounding of Divine Energies, and enriches the experience of movement in a free-form-based sacred alchemy of body and spirit as one.

Through this process, we bring forth the Presence and anchor that Sacred Energy - the Divine within each of us, and maintain focused ATTENTION upon the Mighty I AM Presence within - and enter into full surrender of the Sacred Eternal Infinite One, where there is no time, just the present, and move into movement in Oneness, embracing the eternal now, and embracing Oneness within and without.

Oneness, I have come to understand, has varying levels. The first awareness is usually one with the God Presence…or the Spiritual Flame of Life within the Heart Center, and when one connects with the God-Life, the All-Life, one can have the awareness of One with the All-Life immediately, or experience it in degrees of Oneness until the Eternal Oneness is achieved. It may be helpful to note that although this can be a goal to strive for, in my experience it happens quite naturally as one progresses on the Path of Light.

As such, I work with what I refer these levels of Oneness to as Microcosmic and Macrocosmic levels of Self-Realization. These, as I experience and work with them, are as follows:

Microcosm  =  One  within =====> Experiencing Oneness, Self-Realization, within the self, as the Self, all beings - all mankind - as One. Advanced Microcosm includes all Life and all Creation as One Self.

Macrocosm = One without ======> Experiencing Oneness, Self-Realization, without form~the whole formless~all "space." Advanced Macrocosm includes experiencing form within the formless. (Experience yourself outside of your form; feel your form moving within the formless).

From this perspective of working with this level of Oneness, within and without – form and formless – it can be likened to Microcosmic & Macrocosmic levels of Self-Realization. It is important to note that there are always higher understandings coming forth, revealing themselves as progressive revelation as we move ‘within' and 'without’ all levels of being to expand the Light of the Great Almighty I AM Presence of God. This progressive revelation assists each one’s own process of awakening to the eventual full Self-Realization.

Cosmic Yoga Dance is one such way to consciously bring forth the awareness of Oneness within and Oneness without, and consciously integrate them simultaneously through this experience of movement, which causes the rapid acceleration to attain higher levels of Self-Realization.

After this experience, walk away 1st day in form, having anchored vastness of being, to permeate all levels of Consciousness with this expansive Light of All that Is. Experience your Eternal Self, and allow it to permeate your entire being and world!

Beyond Microcosmic & Macrocosmic is the Whole Self as One Whole – in form and without form together. This is what I have come to understand as the Ever-Expanding Eternal Self, or the God Life-Being. This level of Self-Realization is beyond words, yet can be accessed within and without as One in Silent Communion. This is simply one such way to experience this level.
A Light Chamber is a Consciously focused, guided Activity of Light which produces a rapid acceleration in Consciousness, and enables one to easily shift into a Higher Octave of Light. This may be a “next step” on the Path of Light for someone, or it can mean a whole Life change in one experience. This interactive meditational process includes formulas from the Ascended Consciousness through my Self to facilitate the Conscious Expansion of Light, accompanied by Sacred and Divinely Orchestrated Music and Sound through Conscious Artists such as Iasos, Merlin’s Magic, 2002 and other Divine Talents.

A Light Chamber can be facilitated in a group or individual setting, where the consciousness in either setting can rapidly accelerate and ascend to a Higher Octave of Light within the session, and easily apply it to anchor within every aspect of one’s being.

Light Chambers
~Learn how to live a truly abundant life, AUTHENTICALLY.
~Knowing and understanding your real source of supply
~Dispelling myths of past experience and future potential
~Understanding your motives and the true source that motivates you
~Tools for Transformation - showing you the way by providing the "how."
~Activities to accelerate awareness - meditations, movement, music...and much more!

These workshops are power-packed with information from Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain and other Beloved Ascended Masters, Whom are Here to help each of us activate our Electronic Patterns of Perfection, give us practical tools we can easily apply to assist ourselves, and all Life Streams to attain Eternal Victory in the Light, right now, and thence forever self-sustained.

Liberation Workshops
What is an Application of Light? Well, before we explore that, let’s first look at what causes this. Indeed, this does not spring up on its own; it has a cause for it to be. That cause is an impetus that comes from the Divine Spark within - which is ignited by a desire within the heart - to expand the Light of the Soul, and then seeks a way to do so. Being compelled by that desire sets a Divine Course for the soul to anchor a higher level of awareness within its consciousness. Thus, the Application of Light is born. Oftentimes, this begins as a quest for tools to use to become more spiritually attuned to the God Flame within. This can include blessings, prayers, decrees, songs, silent meditation, toning, sacred movement, mantras, etc. This can be as expansive and inclusive as you allow for it to be.

This Application, if one be a serious Student on the Path of Light, evolves into what I have come to understand as progressive revelation, where intuition becomes the natural way of Life and the Light of Wisdom Illumines the Path in front of such a Student, that thinking becomes obsolete and pure knowing – God-Mind- is enhanced to such a degree that you naturally come to know exactly what to do every moment which comes forth at the perfect time simultaneously. There is no more “trying to figure things out.”

Therefore, what emerges as a way of practicing the conscious expansion of Light within you is a direct result of the amount of energy you invest in such an activity. A Student who desires to stay True to their God-Flame will always work diligently to maintain that Light, expand that Light, and bring it forth through them to radiate more Light to others who are seeking the same thing.

I AM such a Source of the Eternal Divine Memory of God through my own Application of Light, and for which I have brought forth within my own expansion of Light.

I AM available for assistance on ANY issue. Release, Resolution and the Next CLEAR Step is guaranteed to put you in alignment with the Divine Will for YOUR Life Stream.

My "headquarters" is lovingly nestled in the beautiful Sacred Mountain town of Mt. Shasta, California. For further details, to schedule a session, or book a group activity, please contact me at: enchantedsky144@gmail.com and please title the subject line "light services." Thank you and blessings of the Highest Light to you!
Application of Light
Cosmic Yoga Dance
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