Greetings, Beloved Heart! 

I work with both Microcosmic and Macrocosmic levels of Consciousness in order to successfully navigate the continuous flow of my own Divine Plan of Perfecting all Life. I AM here on Earth (as I AM in Heaven) to fulfill this purpose of assisting all Life Stream Beings, and all Creation, in whatever way, shape and/or form reveals itself to me. I then assist to lead each one to their own Victory in the Light.

The Ascended Masters’ Way of Life is what I have come to understand as Living the Truth of God – Expanding Perfection by Living the Constructive Way of Life – completely Self-Realized by Living the Natural Laws of all God-Qualities and Virtues of those Qualities, as an Individualized Focus of the Almighty I AM Presence.

All written material, unless otherwise noted, is Copyright 2013-2017 Eve Care. All rights reserved.
My name is Eve "Evenity" Care ~ It is my name combined with Infinity. This is my Frequency of Light. I AM Honored to Serve the Light in everyone who desires to truly step forth on the Path of Light and embrace their Divine Self- their God-Authenticity, to try and live the Constructive Way of Life.

I AM diligent in my work on my own personal Application of Light, and therefore I AM a Conscious Facilitator of the Higher Octaves of Light. Once you have arrived at who you are - your True Nature - your Divine God Presence, there is no more “getting there,” and permanent Joy is established, which is everlasting.
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